TransEuro America is a premier full-service defense, government relations and business development organization with offices in Washington, DC, Tennessee and Florida and represents more than 50 organizations in 25 different countries. A US owned and operated business, with networks across the globe and a business base of between $4 to $5 billion dollars, TransEuro America has immediate access to Middle East, Korean, Indian and UK back offices with constant availability to satellite offices and resources around the world. We provide our clients with a unique customized mix of technical proficiency, first-hand knowledge of procurement practices, foreign sales and business etiquette from our global partner networks. Our synergistic approach allows our customers unique perspectives and purchasing opportunities that would not be available otherwise. Our network accesses some of the world’s most sought after critical thinkers, business marketing strategists and influential decision makers.

TransEuro America provides a comprehensive array of services, including government relations, program development and execution, business development, and strategic consulting to U.S. aerospace and defense companies developing and doing business in the Middle East and around the world. Our experienced team includes former senior government officials, military officers, and governmental consultants who collaborate with a single goal—to provide outcomes that add to the success of our clients. Whether it’s crafting a government affairs strategy, getting a message out to key decision makers and opinion leaders, or marketing a product or service to the federal or foreign governments, TransEuro America offers unmatched knowledge, expertise, and quality service.

TransEuro America was established in January 2016 to address the need to provide an American entity to work with U.S aerospace and defense firms doing business in the Middle East, India and Korea. Frequently, U.S.-based companies have failed to leverage action appropriately in order to become a partner to those countries. Often times, in-country resources are incorrectly applied in a failed attempt to grow foreign sales. These attempts are both expensive in the short term and have proven catastrophic in the long term, resulting in companies being blacklisted and shut out of future competitions. Furthermore, it has been our experience that in-country, local trade consultants and even full time employees do not maintain their exclusivity to their U.S. clients that a prudent, ethical business practice would dictate.

TransEuro America is an US owned and operated company, incorporated in Florida with offices in Washington, D.C. TransEuro America is a sister company with TransEuro Group LLC, a global organization with offices in Dubai, Switzerland, and Seoul, Korea.