Business Development



TransEuro America provides results-demonstrated U.S. and international consulting services that provide a comprehensive and practical understanding of the acquisition processes at home and abroad. With our focus on Middle Eastern and Asian acquisition strategies, our network of in-country resources provides clients with unique access to present commercial and defense products to the government decision makers. TransEuro America will establish a sales-friendly transactional environment. The in-depth understanding of foreign procurement policies and processes allows TransEuro America to provide sound counsel in working through the contractual complexities to include negotiating the most favorable industrial participation arrangements.

We have a long and successful track record of representing clients in a full spectrum of business development efforts. The business development strategy we employ is an essential component of the advantages we offer to the companies we work with.

TransEuro America’s strategy is a straightforward one – match the appropriate products with the appropriate clients. We ensure this occurs by:

  • Having an in-depth conversation with each client to determine any targeted objectives;
  • Reviewing the customer product for decisive discriminators;
  • Establishing clients and users that promote each client’s targeted objectives; and
  • Constructing a client-specific business development action plan that serves as a blueprint for achieving success.

For successful strategy development, TransEuro America utilizes a group of professionals that consists of our Senior Leadership team, Board of Advisors and specialized consultants who have held pivotal positions and developed strong relationships built on trust with the decision makers. We draw on that in-depth knowledge to reach across the government, engage decision makers at every level and help secure the necessary resources.

We work with clients ranging from small, innovative companies, to Fortune Global 500 companies, universities and research institutions, to sovereign nations. TransEuro America meets the needs of our clients with a level of strategic insight, service and deep industry knowledge that sets us apart from other firms.