Strategic Consulting



TransEuro America is equipped with the background and networks to offer our clients the strategic consultation they need to have a prosperous and continually-advancing company focused on growth and making a difference. Our team’s cumulative expertise and skill-set is unmatched when it comes to addressing the challenges your company faces.

Utilizing our business experience in the commercial and government acquisition community, we assist our clients in developing action plans that evolve and extend their influence in our areas of expertise. TransEuro America’s strategic consultation services include the following:

  •  Message development and management
  • Targeted traditional and social media outreach
  • Crisis management
  • Program development and execution
  • Relationship management
  • Networking Synergies

TransEuro America leverages over 25 years of networks that were developed in the Middle East, India, Korea and the United States. TransEuro has assisted and represented over 100 clients around the world and has provided project specific consulting which has generated over $4 Billion in customer revenue.

Our specialty is removing the added complexity of distance from the equation in the business arena. By utilizing our networks, decisions made by U.S. corporate leadership and CONUS business development teams are accurately conveyed in a timely manner. Business decisions that need to be made immediately are conveyed as such to our clients. It is not unusual for foreign governments to request amplifying information from U.S. contractors during a procurement process. Time late transmissions through the local consultant’s to the sales chain of command, to the CONUS team and finally to corporate executives for coordination or answers are common practices in failure of a business development lead. The original requests made by the foreign government purchaser are very easily is overcome by events in the U.S. and display a lack of respect to the pursuing country. This lack of familiarity of the local contracting and purchasing requirements too many times leads to frustration and failure. TransEuro America will instruct and guide you through the foreign hurdles and promote active communication with the appropriate contact points.

As a U.S. enterprise, TransEuro America has established a streamlined communications link that eliminates intermediate handling of communications. TransEuro America prides itself on faster access to face-to-face communications as a Washington DC-based enterprise. Leveraging its in-country networks, TransEuro America provides near real time reporting in the acquisition process.

TransEuro America enjoys a small leadership team and administrative staff with instant access to its subject matter experts in the aerospace and defense verticals, as well as senior government leadership. Consequently, TransEuro America is not burdened with expensive overhead or slow acting chains of command. TransEuro America can create a sales and marketing environment that will greatly increase the probability of an acquisition “win” for its clients. And it does so ethically, within the confines and bounds of U.S. Export and Acquisition Laws.